The Lost Pirate Punks

Out in the deep blue ocean, there are 6,969 3,952 wandering pirates in search of a new captain. Are you prepared to steer the ship through raging storms, fierce battles, and journeys filled with pillaging and plundering?

When and How to Mint

August 21st, 1am UTC
The Pirate Punks battled hard to make their way out to the OpenSea on August 21st, at 1am UTC. All 6,969 3,952 Pirate Punks were minted from our website and distributed at a fixed price of 0.02 ETH each. Minting is officially closed, but you can buy them on OpenSea!

Sea Map

First 500 Discord Users will receive an airdrop of a parrot (or gif of their pirate)
As we meet the following milestones for our launch we will provide updates regarding each of the listed goals:

Treasure Quests

Solve mysteries and riddles to earn up to one (1) ETH in prizes

Limited Edition NFT Airdrops

Early and active community members will be eligible for an exclusive set of NFTs. We’ll also reserve some for community outreach initiatives and influencer partnerships.

Pirates Giveaway!

Every holder of Pirate Punk #1 through #3484 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win 1 of 25 free Pirate Punks.

Custom Profile Banners

Personalize your Discord profile with our unique pirate-themed art.

Additional Giveaways & Donations

To our loyal captains, we’ll be giving away various prizes including more exclusive NFT accessories and ETH straight to winners’ wallets. Participants will need to complete our special Treasure Quests to qualify. We’ll also be donating to select charities from our community fund.

* 2% of the total Pirate Punk supply will be set aside for community raffles and influencer giveaways.

Crew Members

Captain Hook

For ages, he’s been preparing his harem of men, women and parrots for the treacherous journey ahead. Soon, he’ll finally achieve his life’s mission of going from mint to the OpenSea.

Siren Queen

With enemies that rival her OnlyFans follower count, this sultry bish possesses looks as dangerous as her dagger. And she’s prepared to go to war in search of fame, fortune, and fast cars (“Wen lambo?”).

Admiral Davey

Aware of the treacherous waters ahead, he weathers each storm and patiently awaits calmer waves before taking over islands and enemy ships.

Cannonball Cane

Hotheaded and increasingly violent, he’s always ready to prove a point, provoke a battle, and engage the cannon fuse.

Bastard Jack

He’s offensive, inconsiderate, and everything you’d expect of a pirate. There isn’t much to like about him, from his looks to the way he guts his enemies.

Salty Seadog

A drunkard who spends his days dozing off while clutching bottles of rum. He’s sometimes found telling old tales of ancient pirate history.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pirate Punks are a generative NFT project inspired by the OG Crypto Punks. Each Pirate Punk lives on the Ethereum blockchain, and ownership of the NFT gives you full commercial rights to your Pirate Punk as well as access to our exclusive drops, giveaways and more!

Our mint will be limited to only 6,969 3952 Pirate Punks, forever. Please utilize OpenSea for purchasing!

Pirate Punks will be minted for 0.02 ETH plus gas fees. This is the perfect opportunity to recruit your very own pirate band so you can set out to find more buried and hidden treasure in the OpenSea.

Between Treasure Quests, limited edition pirate accessories, and charitable donations, we’ll consistently invest in ways to help unearth more buried treasure for Pirate Punk owners.